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  • Why use polyester glitter over craft glitter?
    Better Coverage with Less Product: Polyester glitters have thinner flakes than craft glitter; giving you about 7 times as many flakes for the same weight. 1lb of craft glitter will cover roughly 14 square feet while 1lb of polyester glitter covers roughly 100 square feet. So while the cost per oz may seem higher it is quite economical to use polyester glitter. More Sparkle! : Due to the thinner flakes, the polyester glitter shows through the epoxy application better than with craft gitter. This means more sparkle and shine! Solvent Resistant: Most of the glitters I stock are solvent resistant. If they are not marked as solvent resistant in the listing; i have tested these specifically under epoxy and they will work with this application.
  • Shipping
    All product is in stock and will ship within 2-3 business days. For international shipping, please contact me for a quote.
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